Redfeathers, the Hen

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Redfeathers was a hen. All her feathers were red. One day, a fox saw Redfeathers and decided to eat it for dinner. “Keep the water boiling. I’m going to bring a plump chicken for dinner,” he told his wife. So, the fox went to catch Redfeathers and before she could realise what he was doing, he grabbed and pushed her into a sack. The hen’s friend, the dove had seen what had happened to his friend. “Oh, I must save my friend,” he thought. The dove came flapping down on the fox’s path, “Oh, my wings! My lovely wings!” He pretended as if his wings were broken. The greedy fox put the sack down and chased the dove that went further and further away.

Meanwhile, Redfeathers slipped out of the sack, put a stone inside it, and escaped. The fox carried the sack home and turned it over the boiling pot. “Splash!” Hot water fell on the greedy fox. Howling in pain he slunk away to a corner.

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