Reaching for the Stars

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Lassie wanted to play with the shiny, sparkling stars. She felt it was better than any of her toys. “But how do I reach up to the stars?” she wondered. She lay in bed thinking. She could see through the window the stars smiling at her from the sky above. Lassie walked out into the lawn. She saw an owl sitting on a branch, and asked him. “0 Wise Owl, how can I reach the stars?” “HOOT! HOOT!” cried the owl. “You must ask the brook!” So, Lassie went to the brook and asked. “O Bubbly Brook. how can I reach the stars?” The brook babbled, “These stars shine all night and I barely get to sleep! Ask Misty the mountain.” When she found Misty, he said. “Climb to my top and I will take you to the stars!” And so Lassie began to climb up and up; and up. She suddenly tripped on a pebble and down she came tumbling! Lassie woke up with a start! “Oh!” she exclaimed. “I have been dreaming all along!” Lassie snuggled back into her bed and slipped into a deep sleep.

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