Ram in the Pepper Patch

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Once there lived a little girl in Mexico called Juanita. She worked hard every day and raised a patch of pepper. One morning, when Juanita carne to tend to her patch she saw a ram happily grazing in her pepper patch! “Shoo!” she said, but the ram did not go away.

Just then a hen passed by and said, “I will chase the ram away!” But the ram butted the poor hen away. Then came a dog and tried to scare the ram away. But the ram was fiercer and scared the poor dog away. The big bad bull was proud of his strength. He too tried to chase the ram away. But the ram was stronger and the bull ran away! Then a little bumblebee came buzzing, “Little girl, don’t cry! Let me try!” Hearing this, the ram laughed so hard that he forgot bees sting. “Ouch! Ouch!” cried the naughty ram in pain. He ran far, far away from the pepper patch! Juanita thanked the bumblebee and since then, the little Mexican girl and the tiny bumblebee became good friends.

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