This happened on TAM airlines.

A 50-something year old white woman arrived at her seat and saw that the passenger next to her was a black man.

Visibly furious, she called the air hostess.”What’s the problem, ma?” the hostess asked her

“Can’t you see?” the lady said – “I was given a seat next to a black man. I can’t seat here next to him. You have to change my seat”

– “Please, calm down, ma” – said the hostess
“Unfortunately, all the seats are occupied, but I’m still going to check if we have any.”

The hostess left and returned some minutes later.

“Madam, as I told you, there isn’t any empty seat in this class- economy class.
But I spoke to the captain and he confirmed that there isn’t any empty seats in the economy class. We only have seats in the first class.”

And before the woman said anything, the hostess continued

“Look, it is unusual for our company to allow a passenger from the economy class change to the first class.
However, given the circumstances, the commandant thinks that it would be a scandal to make a passenger travel sat next to an unpleasant person.”

And turning to the black man, the hostess said:

“Which means, Sir, if you would be so nice to pack your handbag, we have reserved you a seat in the first class…”

And all the passengers nearby, who were shocked to see the scene started applauding, some standing on their feet.”


This happened on TAM airlines. A 50-something year old white woman arrived at her seat and saw that the passenger next to her was a black man. Visibly furious, she called the air hostess.”What’s the problem, ma?” the hostess asked her “Can’t you see?” the lady said – “I was given a seat next to…


  1. Where has democracy gone. .? Why racism ? Everybody has there opinion and choose what they want.

    1. What else than racism is the action of the white woman? She did not even TRY to get to know this other human being. This has nothing to do with “opinion”. And by the way – it has nothing to do with democracy either. You should look up the meaning of that word! Democracy does not mean that everybody can please him- or herself on the back of others!

      1. hey genius, democracy means all eligable members of a state, country, ect. What Bryan said was right because blacks are equal or eligable memebers of the counry of America, threrfoe democracy going wrong is why people were/ are racist or chose to show it.

  2. It really shows how as time has elapsed our society has matured and become broader minded compared to other developing countries.People in today’s society are willing to take a firm stand on what they believe in and know that people will side with them on touchy subjects like this. The last scene when they are all applauding together shows the unity among the people. Another powerful part is when the flight attendant refers to the lady by saying “unpleasant people” because sometimes, one must use harsh methods to teach people like such a permanent lesson.I think the flight attendant did the right thing absolutely. The fact that the flight attendant put her chance of getting fired over her passion to speak up for the black man was really touching too.

  3. I am black and I'm very prejudice against blacks. People think I'm insane, but that's because I'm color, black doesn't necessarily mean I have to like or love blacks. I like white people, and I will always like them as long as I live. Also, I am not a partisan of blackness. I proudly support whites.

    1. One thing is as bad as the other! You should not support ANY black nor should you support ANY white person! Look at the individual!

  4. hi…..
    OMG that was so sad and that women is so racist im going to put it as my statuse on facebook if anyone would like to see it follow me my name is chloe mae atkin on facebook xxx

  5. In April of 1989 that is about 25 years ago I called the police department in Elmhurst queens NY, I used to live with my mother on Vietor Ave a block from Elmhurst ave and Broadway for assistant regarding a mugging I experience…..
    Two police officers one was a older Black officer the other was a younger white officer I proceed to tell them I was just rob by four people with a gun and was forced face down on the hard concrete sidewalk the robbers took about $50.00 from my wallet and then said to stay down or we will shoot you, the robbers ran away this still haunt me up till today.

    The Black officer told me I was telling lies, false statements and continue to say he was going to arrest me and take me to jail and continue to say you fu.ck.ing Indian why don't you go back to your country, I was in shock and I continue to tell him I don't want to be arrested and told him to forget about it, the black office said if I call again I will be arrested you stupid Indian, go back to India,

    I was to upset to look for his name, however I want justice.

    If this happen to me, it had to happen to others…..

    I wanted to tell this story for a while now and decided to write it today, By the way I am not from India, I am a proud American, born in Trinidad.

    I would like to have the Elmhurst police station to investigate this issue,

  6. Just because your black doesn't make it any better, that just makes you racist to your own race. Prejudice is based off of ignorance, which I classify as a mental illness all on its own. So yeah, you are insane.

  7. holy shit you guys, it doesn't matter what color you are. you can be any color of the rainbow. we're all human beings, and all human beings deserve respect. it doesn't matter what color your skin is. it's your personality, skin color doesn't change anything. stop this shit. and Michael, i don't understand your reasoning's for your opinion. being black and all, I should think you would know what it feels like to be discriminated, it's unfortunate but it's the truth. there is so much hate in this world.

    1. Three cheers for you my friend. You are absolutely right. It doesn’t matter your skin or your backround, nor does it matter or give any one the right to be biased against anyone else because of their sexuality or gender. I’m not a person of color, but I am Irish and I feel like people don’t acknowledge the fact that people who are generally classified as white also have different racial backroinds. I mean like people say stuff about Irish people all the time and it’s always just like little things but it’s still not nice. Like when I was at an event I was like “oh yeah, I’m Irish and-” because it had come up in conversation, and I was immediately cut off by this dude who was like: “where’s your beer then?” And the rest of the night he just kept making comments about ‘ oh I don’t have green eyes and red hair so I’m not really Irish ‘ or ‘why aren’t you wearing green’ ‘why don’t you have and accent’ yada yada.
      I just hate that this is what our society has been reduced to. Assuming facts about other people because of there looks or culture of racial identity or gender or sexualtiy.
      So kudos to you Jaz Staniforth, for not being an ignorant prat.

  8. This is horrible and i can’t stand racism! I am glad the man got moved tp first class as he must have felt horrible about himself. I think the woman should have faced harsh consequences!

  9. Great story! Superb reaction of the hostess! Shameful behaviour of the white woman. If everybody could be that eloquent as the hostess was!

  10. Help yeah! That hostess though. She could have just been like real subtle but she was like “nah, I’m going to be a sassy QUEEN. Probably the highlight of everyone’s trip.😀😄 legit me as a flight attendant

  11. I’m not pregnant, black, a mother or a doctor and went into this story thinking I was a person very much removed from the situation. By the time I finished reading it I was shaking, invested and in mourning because of the meticulous research on the effects of race and class in a for-profit medical system, and how small and irrelevant a person can be made to feel within it. Reproduction is one of the most primal indicators of a species, and you see here how unhealed our nation’s wounds are from deeply systemic racism. There were many important immigration stories this year, all highlighting the difficult journeys immigrants have to endure to get into the United States, but we rarely focus on the policies immigrants face once they’re here. Black and brown naturalized American citizens — those who have an accent, those from impoverished countries — still have to deal with the consequences of racist policy decisions every day, and how these decisions create an unrelenting structure of racial hierarchy in the United States.

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