Rabbit the Hunter

One day, Hunter Rabbit went hunting. Suddenly, he saw a track of big footprints and thought they belonged to a giant. He found nothing to hunt in the forest and thought that the giant must have hunted everything. Hunter Rabbit returned home empty-handed and ate berries for dinner. The next day, Hunter Rabbit left early but found nothing. He was tired of eating berries. “I must do something,” he declared. This time, he decided to lay a net. But the next day Hunter Rabbit found that a hole had been made in the net. Now, Hunter Rabbit’s grandmother was a magician. “I’ll make you a magic net that cannot be cut,” she said. Next morning, when Hunter Rabbit went to see his net, he saw a blinding light coming from it. Alas! He had captured the Sun! The Sun said, “Let me out, or else, the world will remain dark forever!” Hunter Rabbit quickly freed the Sun. The Sun kicked Hunter Rabbit on his shoulders in anger and the heat turned them brown. That’s why rabbits have brown shoulders and still eat berries.

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