Princesses of Whiteland

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One day, while he was fishing, a fisherman saw a head pop out of the river and say, “You can catch plenty of fish if you give me the first thing your wife shows you when you go home.”

When the fisherman went home, his wife showed him their newborn son. The man ran to the king for help. The king took the child under his care.

When the child grew up, he went fishing one day. While fishing, the waves carried him to an unknown land called Whiteland. There, he found three princesses planted inside the earth with only their heads sticking out. They told him how three wicked ghosts had captured their castle and planted them. He killed the ghosts and freed the princesses.

He married the youngest princess and began living there. But soon he wanted to visit his parents. The princess handed him a ring, which would fulfil any two wishes but warned him not to listen to his mother. He wished to reach home, and in a second found himself there.

On his mother’s suggestion, he went to meet the king. The princess appeared, sorrowfully reminding him of her warning and then she disappeared. The heartbroken boy began searching for her. He met a magician who gave him a pair of magic shoes that could fly him to Whiteland. While flying, the North Wind told him that another king wanted to marry the princess. With the wind’s help he blew away the king and reunited with the princess.

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