Pinocchio's Last Adventure

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“Let’s go to Toyland. No one has to study there and we can play all day!” said Carlo, a boy in Pinocchio’s class. Forgetting his promises to his father, Gepetto, Pinocchio went with him. When they reached Toy-land, they turned into donkeys! That’s what happened to boys in Toyland. But Pinocchio was too excited to mind.

Then alas! The Toyland wagon driver wanted Pinocchio the donkey’s skin. He threw Pinocchio in the sea waiting for him to die. “Help,” shouted poor Pinocchio. Before he knew it a shark had swallowed him. Frightened, he crawled inside the huge stomach of the shark. Suddenly, he spied a light ahead. To his joy he saw it was Gepetto. Gepetto had been looking for Pinocchio at sea when the shark swallowed his boat. Father and son hugged joyfully. When the shark was asleep they crept out through its open mouth. From that day on Pinocchio worked hard helping his father, and the Turquoise Fairy turned him into a real boy!

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