Gepetto was a poor carpenter who made his living by making puppets. Once, he was carving a puppet out of wood in his workshop. Suddenly the wood squealed, “Ouch! That hurt!” The puppet was alive! Gepetto named the puppet, Pinocchio. Pinocchio wanted to be like other boys and go to school. Gepetto sold his coat to send him to school. One day, on his way to school Pinocchio saw a puppet show in progress. He longed to see it but the ticket cost four pence. Pinocchio sold his books to get the money. He joined the puppets on stage and decided to stay with them. Later that day, Giovanni the puppet master, a fearsome looking man, needed wood for the fire. He chose Pinocchio as  fire­wood. Pinocchio begged and pleaded to be spared, telling him about his poor father. Gio­vanni gave Pinocchio five gold coins to give to his father to buy a coat. Gratefully taking the coins, Pinocchio said goodbye to Giovanni and his puppet friends and set off for home.

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