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Once upon a time there live there lived lovely princess Selena. Her mother died when Selena was a baby and her father married again. Her stepmother was very pretty and love Selena so much but her stepsister jealous of Selena.
One day Selena prettiness has attracted all the men around the world included Prince of North ‘khan the Barbarian’, Prince of South ‘Sidek’, Prince of east ‘Tamba Pirate King’, Prince of the west ‘Justin Bay’. The Prices were so handsome that even the girls in the country can’t say ‘no’ them.
Selena’s father surprised because four powerful kingdom from North, South, east and West sent their prince to his kingdom for the first time and without waste any chance, he announced that her daughter Selena want to find a husband. Heard about it, four of the princes offer themselves but because Selene can only marry only one person, the king made a game where they must fight each other to win his daughter love. The game starts next week.
The news shocked Selena but she knew that she can’t do nothing about his father decision but there still one thing that she can do and that was check the four princes data. The day after tomorrow the guard that she sent to collect the princes’ data came back. She opens the paper:-

Name: Khan the Barbarian
Kingdom: Mong
Religion: –
Reason to come: To expand his father kingdom

Name: Sidek
Kingdom: Merung
Religion: –
Reason to come: To be the king

Name: Tamba “Pirate king”
Kingdom: Persi
Religion: Pari
Reason to come: To spread his religion and expand his harem

Name: Justin Bar
Kingdom: Biltu
Religion: –
Reason to come: To find a wife

The guard told only Justin Bar came for find a wife and He continues that the three of them not yet married except Tamba because his religion Pari said “a man can marry an infinite amount of women without any limits to how many he can marry”, Tamba already have almost three hundred thousand of wives.
The next day Selena sitting behind her father and mother stage to look at the prince who was going to fight for her but she already choose Justin Bar to be his lover. Before the fight begins suddenly hundred of goblins from a Dark Jungle attack the people there and kidnapped the Princess Selena.
Four princes chased the goblin until they enter the Dark Jungle. This was dangerous Jungle in the world because the fearsome witch lives here. They fight the goblin and monster tree until they arrived at Black Castle that they were confirm where the Selene taken off.
The four Princes enter the castle and fight the witch and kill her. They save the princess and sent her home. The king do not know who should he choose but Selena already made her mind to choose Justin Bay as her husband but that not break any of other princes heart.
Khan the Barbarian and Sidek went back to their country after the king gave them a lot Gold. For Tamba the Pirate king he married Selena stepsister and for Justin, he married Selena and lived happily ever after.

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