Picnic Food

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Kathy and Timmy were having a picnic in their front yard. Kathy was arranging the carrot sticks on their plates when Timmy suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, we forgot to bring the lemonade!” So the girls quickly ran inside. When they came back, Kathy cried out surprised, “Timmy! Where are the carrot sticks?” Timmy said softly, “Kathy look! There is a rabbit near that bush!” Kathy and Timmy loved the furry white rabbit instantly. They fed it with carrots every day.

Soon it was winter. “Why don’t we see the rabbis anymore?” asked Kathy and Timmy sadly. “Rabbits hide in their burrows to keep from the cold,” explained Daddy. When it was spring, the rabbit was back again! And lo! She had six teeny-weeny bunnies with her! Timmy said, “Why, our rabbit is a Mummy bunny now!” Ever since, Timmy and Kathy had a rabbit family to take care of.

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