Philosophers Three

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One day, a bear, a fox, and an opossum were walking together. Suddenly, it began to rain heavily and soon they were caught in a flood. There was water everywhere.

The bear wanted to show the fox and the opossum that he was not afraid of the flood and he went ahead to fight it. “Death comes easily to cowards but not to the brave one,” he declared proudly. Although he tried hard to fight the mighty waters and keep himself afloat, he failed and almost drowned.

The fox laughed aloud and said, “Oh, you are foolish. I know a better trick to combat the flood.” Then he went and hid in the hollow stump of a tree nearby.

The opossum said, “To challenge or confront the enemy that is stronger than us is foolhardy. It is sensible to know the nature of one’s enemy and accordingly take action” Saying so, the opossum lay down and pretended to be dead!

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