Peter’s Birthday Bash

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Peter was very excited. “It’s my eighth birthday                Free tomorrow. Can I have a birthday party with my stand friends?” he asked his mother. “Not this year. Peter. You had one last year so let’s skip it this time,” said his mother with a sigh. Tears rolled down Peter’s cheeks and he wept bitterly that night. Next morning, he woke up late with swollen eyes and a gloomy look. He brushed his teeth and went down for breakfast. “Happy birthday, Peter,” He heard a loud chorus. Peter looked around and what he saw surprised him. The room was decorated with colourful balloons and a delicious birthday cake was placed on the dining table along with a variety of snacks. All his friends were standing together with his parents holding a brightly wrapped gift. “This is for you,” said his mother and hugged Peter. “Who organised this?” asked an amazed Peter. “This is our birthday gift to you,” shouted his friends together. “Now open the gift and wear your new clothes,” said his mother and they all laughed.

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