One night Peter Pan took Wendy, John, and Michael to his home, Never Never Land. His fairy friend Tinker Bell dusted the children with fairy dust so they could fly.

The children were very happy playing there. Suddenly they found themselves surrounded by pirates! They huddled together in fear. “Put your hands by your side. March in a line!” ordered the captain.

All the children followed the captain as he led them to an old ship. Tinker Bell was passing through and saw them. She rushed to inform Peter Pan.

Peter and Tinker Bell found the children tied to the mast of the ship. They got ready to attack. “Beware! Here I come!” said Peter with a great cry as he jumped on the railing and challenged the captain to a fight. “Help me!” cried the old captain losing his balance and going overboard. “Hurrah!” the children and Tinker Bell cheered heartily for Peter Pan.

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