Pea Blossom

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Five peas lived inside a green shell. The first four were arrogant while the last one was humble and kind hearted. They were happily spending their days when one day, the farmer came and plucked them. “What will happen to us?” the peas grew unsure of their fate.

One day, they found themselves in the hands of a child who began throwing them in all directions. While one fell into the gutter; the other went flying towards the sun; the other two fell before a pigeon that ate them instantly. The last pea however fell inside a hut where a poor woman lived with her sick child. The mother had given up all hopes for her daughter’s survival.

“Mother, look! There is a pea on the floor,” beamed the child. There was a glow in the girl’s pale cheeks. “Will you plant it outside my window?” As the pea took roots and grew, sprouting new leaves, the child too recovered.

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