Pamela Gets Ready for School

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Pamela was very excited, afterall tomorrow would be her first day at school! Her aunt had gifted her a lovely purple sweater along with a pretty pink skirt. Mother had bought a violet bag and a blue water bottle. She switched on the lights in her room and looked at her new clothes. The bear on the bottle seemed to wink at her! “Oh, when will it be morning” thought Pamela. “Pamela!” cried her mother. “Are you not in bed? Please sleep, you have school tomorrow, darling!” “Good night, Mommy!” called Pamela. “Good night, Teddy. Let’s sleep for we have school to … mor … row,” she said sleepily to the bear on the bottle. Next morning, Pamela was up before Mommy. She got dressed by herself in her new pink dress. Mommy was amazed. Finally, it was time for school.

“Bye, darling,” waved Mommy and Daddy as the big blue bus disappeared round the corner.

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