Only Others Can Tell your Worth

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Once upon a time, Mercury, god of skill, was tickled by a strange idea. He became curious to know how men estimated his worth in comparison to other gods.

So, Mercury disguised himself as a man and came to the earth. Roaming about, he came to the house of a sculptor who was famous for making idols. Mercury saw the idols of various gods, including his own, in the sculptor’s house.

Then approaching the sculptor, Mercury said, ” What price would you charge for the idol of Jupiter, chief of gods ?”

“One pound,” replied the sculptor.”

“And what for the idol of Juno, goddess of marriage ?” “Half a pound,” said the sculptor.

“And how much for that statue of Mercury ?” asked the god.

“Oh that ! I shall give it free if you buy the other two,” pat came the reply. Mercury was cut to the quick and disappeared.


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