One In-Hand Is Worth Two In-Bush

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One day a fisherman went fishing to a river as usual. He cast his net into the river and sat waiting for the fish to get into it. He expected a very good catch.

After some time, the fisherman drew the net up and saw one single tiny fish into it. Taking the fish out, he put it into his basket. He was going to cast his net again into the river when the tiny fish begged him, “Please, sir, put me back into the river otherwise I shall die.”

“Why after all ?” asked the fisherman.

“I am only very small now. So, I am of little use for you. But after a few days, I shall grow fairly big. You can catch me again then I shall be more useful at that time,” replied the fish.

“Oh no ! I won’t leave you now that I have caught you. Because if I put you back into the river, I may never catch you again. But I am not going to be that foolish in any case. It is said that the certain must never be given up for the uncertain.”

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