Old Mother Goose and Her Son Jack

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A poor boy named Jack lived with his mother, old Mother Goose. One day, old Mother Goose sent Jack to the market to buy a fine goose. On the way, Jack rescued a beautiful young lady from a thief who was trying to steal her mantle. She happened to be the squire’s daughter. Jack fell in love with her and would dream all day of marrying her.

One day, to his surprise, he saw that the goose he had bought, had laid a golden egg. Jack sold the egg at once in the market. Dressed in his finest clothes, he went to the squire’s house to ask him for his daughter’s hand. The squire was enraged and sent him back. But Jack was determined to win her. Every morning the goose laid a golden egg and soon Jack became a very rich man after selling the eggs. He became richer than the squire who at last, gave his consent and accepted Jack as his son-in-law.

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