Nobody Believes a Liar

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Once a shepherd boy lived in a village that stood in the feet of a hill. He took his flock to the hill-side for grazing every day. The sheep kept grazing but the boy felt bored. One day he thought of having fun at the cost of his fellow-villagers.

Standing on a high rock, the boy shouted at the top of his voice, “Wolf ! Wolf ! come to save me and my sheep.”

The villagers heard the shouts and ran to help him. But the boy laughed at them saying, “No wolf ; I did it for fun only.”

The villagers felt peeved and came back with an air of anger. They decided not to be fooled by him anymore.

One day as the shepherd boy was tending his sheep, a wolf really came there. Now the boy shouted—”Wolf ! Wolf !” as loudly as he could. But nobody came to help him.

The wolf killed many a sheep and when the boy tried to attack him with his stick, the beast killed him too.

Work Is Real Worship

It was a fine sunny day in winter. A cricket was basking in the warm sun. But he was very hungry as he had not eaten anything since previous night.

The cricket looked about to find something to eat. All of sudden, he saw a few ants carrying grains into their hole.

The cricket went up to the ants and said in a humble tone, “Would you, please, spare a few grains for me. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. I am almost starving to death .”

The ants stopped for a moment though it was against their habit. One of them said to the cricket, “What were you doing all the summer ? Why didn’t you store up food for the cold winter season ?”

“Truly speaking, I spent all the summer singing songs. So, I couldn’t store anything.”

“Then dance the winter away,” remarked the ant chuckling a smile. The cricket pulled a long face and went away.


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