Nine of Ten

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A man was crossing the hot desert with his herd of camel. He mounted one and counted the herd, “One, two … nine. I had ten camels, how come there are only nine now?” he wondered. He dismounted and searched frantically for the tenth camel. When he returned to the herd he once again counted the animals. Lo! He found that there were ten of them. After walking a while he felt tired and climbed one camel. To be sure that none of the camels had wandered away, he counted them, “Nine camels again!” The man was utterly confused and did not understand why one animal was missing again. “Oh! These disobedient camels are playing hide and seek with me on a hot summer day!” he said angrily and got off the camel. Finally the foolish man concluded, “I would rather walk and have ten camels around me than ride one and have nine only!”

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