Never Heed Your Enemy's Advice

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Once a wolf saw a lamb at a distance and decided to eat it up. So, he moved light-footedly towards it. He had a mind to fall upon his prey suddenly after getting near it.

But as the wolf moved, the poor animal saw him and ran for its life. The wolf gave it a hot chase but couldn’t catch it. The lamb had gone into a temple and was quite safe there.

The wolf felt very disappointed and called out to the lamb. Putting on a loving look, he said, “It is not safe for you to stay inside the temple. Come out at once otherwise the priest will catch and sacrifice you before the gods.”

“Many thanks for your advice, Mr Wolf. I would prefer to stay here and be sacrificed on the altar. It is sure to make me enter heaven. But what will I get, if you eat me up ?”

Having no words to reply, the wolf went away sad and disappointed.

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