Never Grumble Over Your Lot

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It was a fine day during the rainy season. A peacock was dancing happily in a forest. Suddenly he was reminded of ugly rough voice. His face fell and tears welled up in his eyes.

Suddenly he saw a night-in-gale sitting in a nearby tree. “What a sweet voice she has got ! Everybody loves and praises it. But when I utter a sound, everyone laughs at me. Ho unlucky indeed !” lamented the peacock.

Just then appeared Juno wife of Jupiter, chief of gods. “What makes you so sad, Mr peacock ?” asked she.

“I have got such a beautiful body that all praise it. But my voice —how ugly and rough ! It is no use having this beauty,” sobbed out the peacock.

“Never grumble over your lot. God has given various gifts to several creatures—to you beauty, to the eagle strength, to the night-in-gale song, and so on. Nobody except you is unhappy.

Learn to live with what you have got.”

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