Never Be Ungrateful

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Once two travellers were going along a dusty road that had no trees along its sides. High summer as it was, the sun was scorchingly hot. The travellers looked for some shelter from the hot sun. Suddenly they saw a tree with big leaves and branches spread like an umbrella. It had a thick shade that could be a fine shelter. So, the travellers made for the tree.

Placing their wares on the ground, the travellers sat in the cool thick shade of the tree. They heaved a sigh of relief and decided to rest there for quite a while. After some time, one of the travellers said to his companion, “What a useless tree it is ! It bears no fruit at all.”

The tree felt pinched to hear the traveller’s words and burst out “You ungrateful soul ! you are taking shelter in my cool shade from the burning heat of the sun and calling me a useless tree as well. Can there be a more wicked creature than you on this earth ? Be up and leave the place at once to be scorched again.”

Ingratitude earns others’ wrath.

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