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The new king of Egypt was a wicked man. He made the people from Canaan who were called Jews stay in Egypt and do all the work. He even tried to kill all of the Jewish baby boys. But God had a plan.

A Jewish mother hid her baby boy in a basket and set it on the river. The river carried the basket to the king’s house. “Oh, look!” cried the king’s daughter when she found the basket. “It’s a baby!” The princess took the baby home and named him Moses. Moses grew up safe and strong in the king’s own house!

God wanted Moses to lead the Jews out of Egypt. So God sent grasshoppers to eat up the king’s wheat. He sent frogs and other-things to pester the king. God did not stop until the king let the Jewish people go.

A big sea lay between Egypt and Israel. Moses and the people had no boats. So God parted the sea and made a path for them right through the water!

God called Moses up to the top of a mountain. He wrote ten commandments on two big stones and gave them to Moses. The commandments told the Jews how to live. God said: “Tell the people to follow these rules and I will protect them.”

God helped Moses lead the Jews back to the land that became known as Israel.

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