Mitty's New Friend

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Mitty the kitten lived in a big house. She had many friends—Bob the bumblebee, Betty the butterfly and Bitsy, the little sparrow. Mitty loved her friends. She played with them, shared her food and on cold nights let them stay in her house.
One day, while Mitty was lolling in her garden she heard a soft purr. She peeped round
the corner of her house. To her surprise she found a plump little kitten, just like her. “Hello.
My name is Gidget and I am your new neighbour,” said the kitten. “Yippee!” cried an excited
Mitty. She clapped her hands, swished her tail and hopped around in glee. “That’s not
becoming of a lady like you,” said Gidget sternly. “Watch me,” she purred, walking daintily.
“You are clever! What else can you teach me?” asked Mitty. “Oh, I can teach you numbers
and all about colours,” replied Gidget. Just then came Bitsy tweeting. “Let’s go and play,
Mitty,” said she. “Meet my new friend Gidget,” said Mitty. “This ugly sparrow is your friend?” asked Gidget. Mitty was surprised to hear Gidget talk like that. Bitsy was hurt and she went away.
After some time Bob and Betty came fluttering their wings. “Hey Mitty, let’s have lunch.” “Hi! Betty, Bob, meet Gidget, my new friend,” said Mitty. “Hi Gidget,” said Betty warmly. But Gidget did not reply, instead she looked at Mitty and asked, “Will you share your lunch with this big old butterfly?” Mitty was shocked. “Now that’s enough,” she protested. “You will not speak to my friends like that,” said Mitty and walked away in search of her friends.
Bob, Bitsy and Betty called an urgent meeting. “It seems Mitty has forgotten us in favour of her new friend,” they lamented. Soon Mitty arrived. “I am sorry, my friends,” apologized Mitty. “Your new friend is very rude,” protested Bitsy. “She called me old and big,” complained Betty. “Betty you’re the most beautiful butterfly in the world and Bitsy, you’re not ugly,” exclaimed Mitty. She added, “Gidget is very rude, I will not talk to her anymore.” Mitty wiped her friends’ tears and all were happy to be together again.
After some time Gidget arrived. Everyone looked at Gidget cautiously. “Friends, I am sorry,” said Gidget. “We don’t need a rude friend like you,” said Mitty. “Oh Mitty! I thought I was so clever till I came here and found that knowing about colours, numbers and etiquette is not enough. One has to have a good heart and be a good friend,” explained Gidget. Mitty and her friends watched wide-eyed while Gidget continued, “Oh Mitty you might not know many things but you are a good kitten. Looking at you and your friends I have learnt so much. Please accept my apology.” Mitty and her friends looked at each other. They knew Gidget was not lying. “Okay, we accept your apology, but there’s one condition,” said Mitty sternly. Everyone held their breath. “You have to teach us all about colours and numbers,” said Mitty smiling. All the animals laughed aloud. Gidget became a good friend and a great neighbour.

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