Miss Moppet

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Miss Moppet was a cat that lived in Mr. Brown’s house. Slip the mouse lived in that house too. One day, Miss Moppet caught sight of Slip sleeping on top of the cupboard. Crouching softly she tried to jump on him. But Slip was too quick for her and disappeared to the other side. Miss Moppet hit her head on the cupboard. When Slip returned he was surprised to see the cat sitting in front of the fire with her head tied in a cloth. Thinking that the cat was ill, the mouse crept nearer and came close to Miss Moppet. The cat moaned. Holding her head in her paws, Miss Moppet watched the mouse through the hole in the cloth. When Slip was near, she pounced on him. She tied him in the cloth and tossed him like a ball. Poor Slip squeaked in fear. But alas! Miss Moppet forgot the hole in the cloth. She was shocked to see Slip chuckling merrily from the top of the cupboard. Once again the mouse had got the better of her!

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