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Midas was the king of Greenland. He had enormous riches. He was the richest among the kings of his time. His kingdom was also very large and wide. There was no need of further riches. But still he was not satisfied with his wealth and kingdom. He wanted to become still rich and extend his kingdom to farther limits.

King Midas had a beautiful daughter. He loved her very much. Her eyes were always twinkling. Midas wanted to marry her to a prince who is rich in all respects.

King Midas was always praying God, the Almighty to bestow him with more riches.

Once he continuously prayed without taking food and water. God was pleased with his prayer. Soon he appeared before Midas and said to him,

Oh! My devotee, what do you want from me? You have everything. What more you need my dear son? I shall fulfill your desire. Please ask.”

Midas said: “Oh God! I am so happy. I wish ink to have more and more wealth. Please bless me that whatever I touch shall become gold.”

God said, “Midas, Think over. Is it ok if fulfill your wish?”

Midas replied, “Yes my Lord. I have thought over it for a long time. This is all my wish with this I shall become richest in the world.”

God said , “Ok then. I grant you your wish saying so God disappeared.

Midas was overjoyed. His joy knew no bounds He touched what not ? whatever he touched it became gold. He touched chairs, tables, pillars, boxes and many items. All of them were turned into gold. He was so tired and was hungry. He called on his servants and told them to bring food. The servants brought him food.

As soon as Midas touched the food in order to eat, it turned into gold. He was upset. Suddenly his daughter came running to him and hugged him.

Midas touched her head. She was also suddenly turned into gold.

Now only Midas could remember what God said. God has asked him to think over.

Midas was in a fix. He began crying. He went to his room where he had worshipped God a day before. He started praying again to appear and solve the crisis.

God appeared soon and said, “Oh ! Midas, what more you want ? I already gave you what you asked. Do you want some more riches’?”

Midas replied, “No, No, I don’t need any more. Oh God ! My greed for riches had made me blind. Look her. My daughter has become gold. How can I talk to my beloved child. Oh my Lord ! please help me to have my earlier state. I don’t need any gold or riches. I want my daughter. I need food.”


God said, “Ok my dear son. I shall do the needful. Let your daughter become alive. Have food first. I have taken back the boon” Thus said God disappeared.


Midas saw his daughter alive. The food was normal. He ate well. He was happy. He never became greedy. He lived with what he had.



MORAL: Be content with what you have contentment is real wealth.

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