Mercy Never Goes Unrewarded

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One hot summer day, a lion was fast asleep in the cool shade of a big tree. A mouse lived in a nearby hole. Suddenly it came out of its hole and saw the sleeping lion.

Unmindful of the lion’s strength, the mouse was tickled by an idea. It thought of waking the lion by running over his body for fun only.

But to his bad luck, the lion seized it in his strong paw. He was going to kill it when it begged, “Spare me, sir ; I may repay your mercy some day.”

The lion was amused to hear the words of the mouse and let it go with a smile. But a few days later, the lion was caught in a hunter’s net under that very tree. So, he roared aloud.

The mouse came out of its hole to hear the roar. It was time to repay the lion’s mercy. So, it set about nibbling the cords of the net and set the lion free in no time.

Even small things can do big jobs for you, remember !

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