Matilda Is Missing

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Matilda was Maggie’s favourite doll. She carried Matilda wherever she went, neatly packed in her small bag. One day, Maggie went to the nearby children’s park to play with her friends. She unzipped her bag to show Matilda to her friends. But when she put her hands in her bag it was empty! “Gosh! Where’s my doll?” gasped Maggie. She sat down in the park and cried, “Matilda is missing. Oh, I’ve lost my doll.” She cried so loudly that everybody in the park could hear her. Infact, her mother could hear her too and came rushing to the park. “Matilda is at home on your shelf. I had taken her out of your bag to clean her,” explained her mother and handed Maggie the doll. Maggie wiped her tears and felt rather shamed for screaming out so loud. All her friends laughed at Maggie’s foolishness. Later, they sat around Maggie and all of them played with the doll.

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