Mary Ann and the Front Door

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Mary Ann often forgot to close the front door when she went out of the house. Every day she would take lunch for her husband, Joseph, who worked in the fields. Knowing his wife and her annoying habit, always reminded her, “Don’t forget the door.” But poor Mary Ann was very forgetful.

One day, as she was going to take food for her husband, Mary Ann had an idea. The best way not to forget the door was to take it with her.

So she took the door off its hinges and put it on her back. “Now that I am carrying the door, who will carry the lunch? ” she wondered. Then she hung the lunch basket on the handle of the door and said, “Let the door carry the lunch, not me!” and left for the fields. On the way, some thieves saw Mary Ann carrying the door. They understood what had happened and rushed to her house and saw the front door missing. They entered and stole everything that was there!

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