Little Nick

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Nick the deer lost his way in the woods. He had been wandering with the rest of the deer but had managed to stray away from them. He was lonely and miserable. One day, while looking for his family he found himself in a farmer’s field. He made his way to the people standing in the yard. The farmer’s dog barked at Nick at first, but Nick was such a friendly
little deer that he soon made friends. Everyone welcomed Nick. The farmer’s children loved his soft brown eyes and spotted skin. The farmer let him stay with his cows. Soon Nick and the other animals became good friends. Nick was happy but he still missed his family. One day, while playing, Nick looked out into the fields and saw a herd of deer. “That looks like my family,” he said with great hope. Indeed, it was his family. Nick thanked all the animals in the field and said goodbye to them. Everyone was sad to see Nick leave but they knew that they could not keep him away from his family.

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