Lazy Jack

Jack was a simpleton who lived with his mother. One day, his mother told him to go out and earn money. They were very poor.

Jack went to work for a Farmer and earned a penny. But while returning home, he dropped it in a brook. At home, his mother scolded him and told him to put his earnings in his pocket the next time.

The next day, he worked for a cow keeper, who gave him a jar of milk. Jack tried to put the jar of milk in his pocket and spilled it everywhere. Once again, his mother rebuked him. She told him that he should have carried it on his shoulders.

The next day, Jack was given a donkey. He carried the donkey on his shoulders. Now, the king had a daughter who never laughed. Seeing Jack carrying the donkey on his shoulders, she began laughing for the first time. As a reward, the king married her to Jack and they lived happily ever after.

5 thoughts on “Lazy Jack

  1. It is very much a lesson for those who are lazy themselves. Although Jack had a beautiful ending, others could end up in such a state, that they are starving because of lack of worth. Such an enjoyable story!!!

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