Lazy Harry

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Harry was an unhappy shepherd. He always grumbled I that he had to take his goat for grazing. He decided to marry Trina, his neighbour, who also had a goat, so that she would take both the goats to graze together.

But Trina was also just as lazy as Harry. After they got married, she decided to exchange their goats with their neighbour for his beehive. Harry agreed and after that, they slept all day, as bees don’t need to be taken care of.

One day Harry complained, “Trina, you eat away all the honey, so we will exchange the beehive for a goose that would lay eggs.” Trina agreed and said, “We will have a child who would take care of the goose and sell the eggs.” Harry said, “What if our child doesn’t listen to us?” Trina said, “I will hit him like this.” And she took a stick and waved it in the air.

Alas! It struck the pitcher of honey, which broke and all the honey spilled out.

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