Koobar the Koala and Water

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Long ago, there was a young orphan boy named Koobar. He lived with his relatives in a dry country where water was seldom ound. His relatives ill-treated him and never gave him enough water. Koobar was always thirsty. One day, when his relatives went out, Koobar drank all the water and not even a single drop was left. “Oh no! My relatives will come and beat me!” he thou Koobar hit upon a plan. He quickly climbed a tall pine tree with all the buckets and sat there waiting for his relatives. Once they arrived and noticed that there was no water, they called out for Koobar. “There he is, hiding behind the branches on the pine tree!” cried one. “Come down or else we shall thrash you!” threatened another relative. They quickly climbed the tree and dragged Koobar to the ground. Then they beat him up with sticks. As tears rolled down his cheeks, the young boy prayed to God. Suddenly, he was transformed into a koala bear. Everybody was startled. Then Koobar announced, “From now on, if you cause any harm to me, I shall weave my magic charm and dry up all the water and you shall die of thirst!” That is why Koala bears are loved so much because everyone is scared that they might dry up all the water.

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