King of the Golden Mountain

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A fairy carried Heinel to a castle on a golden mountain. In the castle there lived a princess who had been turned into a snake by a wicked witch. The snake told Heinel, “I have been waiting for you. Please release me from the witch’s spell.” She told him that to free her he would have to undergo a lot of hardship. “Twelve men carrying steel chains will come every night to the castle. They will whip you. But you will have to bear it all without speaking a word for three nights.” Heinel agreed to challenge the men. That night when the twelve men came Heinel stood silent. The second night the same was repeated. On the third night when Heinel killed all the twelve men, the snake was transformed into a beautiful maiden. She brought a magic potion and lovingly applied it to his injuries. Lo! All the pain vanished. Captivated by her beauty Heinel married her and was crowned king of the Golden Mountain.

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