Jupiter and the Animals

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One fine day, God Jupiter was in a good mood. He

asked all the animals to come before him. Then, he told them, “All of you look at your appearance and that of other animals. If you feel that anything needs to be changed then please tell me without fear. I will make those changes.”

All the animals started looking at each other and talking.

After a while, Jupiter spoke again, “Master Ape, we will start with you. Please give us your comments.”

The Ape said, “My Lord, I am very happy with my looks but if I were a Bear, I might have
wanted some changes.”

Jupiter then turned to the Bear. The Bear replied, “I find no fault in myself, but could you lengthen the tail and shorten the ears of our friend, Elephant?”

Now, it was the Elephant’s turn to speak. He said, “I think the Whale is too big in size.”

No animal was happy with the others!

God Jupiter was angry to see so much pride among all the animals. He sent all of them away without granting anyone’s wishes.

Too much pride will always harm you!



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