Joy and Sorrow

A tailor used to quarrel with his wife. One day, she complained to the king. The tailor was arrested and jailed. He promised never to beat his wife again and to share all his joys and sorrows with her. The king set him free but soon the tailor returned to his old ways. He quarrelled with his wife and threw things at her. When the things hit his wife, he laughed, but when they missed her, he yelled.

Soon, he was arrested again and brought in front of the king, who said, “You promised not to beat your wife and share all your sorrows and joys with her.” The tailor replied, “I didn’t beat her. I threw things at her. If they hit her I was joyful and she was sorrowful but when they missed her, she was joyous and I was sorry.” The king was amused at the tailor’s reply but he punished him anyway.

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