Joseph and His Brothers

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In the land of Canaan there lived a man who had twelve sons. His favorite was Joseph. Joseph was a good boy and very clever. God spoke to Joseph in his dreams.

Joseph told his brothers about his dreams. “I dreamed,” said Joseph, “that we all had bundles of wheat. And your bundles bowed down to mine.”

“I dreamed,” said Joseph, “that the sun and the moon and the stars bowed down to me.”‘ Joseph’s brothers were jealous. “We will never bow down to Joseph,” they said.

One day they sold Joseph to some men who were going to Egypt. Then they told their father that Joseph had” been eaten by wild animals. Joseph’s father was very sad.

Many years later, Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt to get food. Their families were starving because there was no food in Canaan. When they saw the man in charge of food, they all bowed. They didn’t know that he was their brother Joseph. Joseph’s dream had come true. Joseph invited his whole family to come to Egypt, where there was enough food for everyone.

Joseph’s father was so happy. His favorite son was alive, and his family was saved.

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