John the Simpleton

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John was a very simple boy. He returned home after a party at his friend’s house one day, to see his parents and his younger brother and sister very ill. They had eaten poisonous mushrooms and were in great pain. “Quick! Run to the pharmacy and get some medicine,” asked John’s father. He told John to tell the pharmacist what the problem was and to get a dose of medicine for four people.

John left but did not return for a long time.

His family waited and waited and his parents began to worry about him. Thankfully, after a while, John’s father began to feel a little better and decided to go and look for John. He found John lying on the roadside, holding his stomach and writhing in pain. “What happened?” asked his father. Poor John replied, “I don’t know father. I did what you asked me to. I went to the pharmacy and got four doses of medicine and took them all.”

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