Jesus' Twelve Friends

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Jesus’ cousin John was a preacher. John told people that God’s son was coming to save them, and he baptized people so they would be ready to meet God’s son. One day Jesus asked John to baptize him. John said: “It is you who should baptize me!” But Jesus knew that God had chosen John for a special job. And so John baptized Jesus in the river.

Jesus walked from village to village, telling people about God’s love. One day he saw two fishermen named Peter and Andrew. Jesus said: “Come with me and I will make you fishers of men.” Peter and Andrew went with Jesus. Then Jesus asked two more fishermen to come with him. And they followed Jesus too. Soon Jesus had twelve good friends to help him spread the word about God’s love. They were called disciples.

People loved to listen to Jesus. Once, a big crowd of people waited all day to hear Jesus talk. They were tired and hungry. Jesus turned to the disciples and said, “Bring food.” One of them said, “There are only five loaves of bread and two fishes.” Jesus thanked God for the food and passed out the loaves and fishes. There was enough to feed everyone, with some to spare!

It was a miracle!

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