How the Rabbit Lost Its Tail

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In olden times, rabbits had a long tail and short, straight legs.

One day in a forest, a rabbit found a man weeping. When the rabbit asked him why he was so sad, the man answered, “I have to reach the village across the forest as I am getting married this evening. But I have lost my way and don’t know what to do.” The kind-hearted rabbit said, “Follow me, I will show you the way.” The man was very grateful and started following the rabbit, but on the way, he fell into a pit.

The rabbit put his long tail in the pit and asked the man to hold it. But as the rabbit tried to pull the man out, his tail broke. Then the rabbit lowered his hind legs into the pit. He told the man to hold his legs tight and said he would pull him out. This time the rabbit managed to pull the man out but his paws had become long. From that day on, rabbits have a small tail and hop on their long hind legs.

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