How Joe and Sam Caught the Plump Pig

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Pegs, a plump pig, left the jungle in search of food and water. He was so hungry that, he began eating all the flowers, the grass, and scraps of paper littered on the road. But Pegs was still hungry and plodded towards the town. There he picked scraps from the garbage bin, pulled flowers from the trees and gnawed at the farmer’s grain store. The farmer ran into his house and called the Pigs Patrol Office right away. Two boys, Joe and Sam, ran the Pigs Patrol Office. They were expert pig catchers. Meanwhile, Pegs knocked down the windmill and started a fire on the farm. When Joe and Sam arrived and saw the mess, they were shocked. “The pig is hiding inside the barn,” said the farmer. “But he looks really hungry,” said Joe. Now Joe and Sam thought hard and came up with a plan. “Let’s place an ice cream box to tempt the pig. When he comes out we will catch him,” said Joe. Now Pegs was a smart pig and he heard Joe’s plan. But Joe and Sam were smarter, they had a secret plan. They went and took their position at the back door of the barn. So when the farmer kept the ice cream at the entrance to the barn, the pig crept out from the back door. As soon as he emerged Joe and Sam caught the pig with the help of a net.

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