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Spotty was a dog who lived in a small town with others of his kind. His days were spent pleasantly as he foraged for food with others and dozed in the shades when the afternoon sun was at its hottest. He played and enjoyed a lot with his friends.

Once the town was struck with famine. There was no food and Spotty grew restless with hunger. Soon he became very feeble. He thought to himself, “This town has nothing to offer now-no food and no fun. I will go to the city. I am sure I will find food and frolic to my heart’s content.” Thus the next day at the break of dawn Spotty set out for the city. Once in the city he was indeed lucky. He found a house with a place in the back-yard where all waste food was dumped. Spotty ate the delicious leftovers every day and grew stout in a few days.

One day the pet dogs of the house-owner were roaming loose in the backyard. As .soon as they detected Spotty they attacked him. They dug their sharp teeth into Spotty’s soft and stout flesh. With deep wounds and torn flesh Spotty ran to save his life.

Spotty did not stop running till he reached back his home town. At once his old friends greeted him and the dogs enquired of him, “Dear friend, what was it like in the city? Did you have much fun? Surely your health shows that there is no lack of food there but how did you hurt yourself?”

In reply, Spotty said, “Oh yes friends, city life has its advantages but there is no place like home, even if there is no food here at least I am loved and welcomed amidst my own brethren. ” By saying this he proceeded to tell his tale to his friends.



Grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.

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