Hole in the Water

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A handsome and rich man decided to get married but could not find the right girl.

One day, he met a beautiful lady near a well and fell in love with her. He asked her if she would marry him. She replied. I will marry you but only if you can do one thing. You must make a hole in the water for me!” -That is impossible!” cried the man. She said, “if this is true love. then even miracles can happen.” The man walked away sadly. He really did love the woman but didn’t know how he could make a hole in the water.

Months passed and soon it was winter. All the lakes and ponds, and the water in the well. froze.

Then the man remembered what the woman had asked for. He quickly ran to the well where he had met her and saw her sitting there. lie took a stick and made a hole in the ice. The woman was pleased and agreed to marry him. Fie married her with a lot of pomp and splendour.

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