The Boy in the Paper Boat

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Jack loved making paper boats. One day he made a paper boat and kept it on his bedside table. A loud noise woke him up at night. To his astonishment Jack saw a captain and three sailors getting ready to set sail in his paper boat!
“Where are you going?” asked Jack””‘ sleepily. “Why don’t you come aboard. Mate?” replied the caption and that’s exactly what Jack did. “Yipee!” he shouted as the paper boat set off across the sea, which filled his room, out of his house and the street towards the shopping mall. In the parking lot, they met a fearsome-looking ship filled with pirates. “Let’s give them a good fight, my boy,” shouted the captain. “Aye, aye captain,” replied Jack with glee. Jack fought like a hero and very soon the pirate ship sank. Afterwards, the paper boat dropped Jack off on his bed and it always remains on his bedside table n case the captain needs his help!

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