Hans the Giant Caught in the Well

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Hans was a kind giant. He used to work for a stingy farmer. When it was time to pay the giant for his services, the cunning farmer decided not to give him any money. The farmer’s wife suggested that they kill the giant instead.

They thought of a plan and persuaded the giant to go to a well. As soon as the unsuspecting giant descended to the depths of the well, they lifted a huge grinding mortar and threw it on Hans’s head. Thinking that the giant would die with the weight, they returned home happily. But the mortar was too small to harm Hans. It broke on his head and got stuck around his neck like a girdle. Hans quickly climbed out of the well and decided to go back to his master’s house.

On seeing Hans return home with a stone collar around his neck, the farmer and his wife were very afraid. They begged for mercy, and handed their entire money and wealth to Hans.

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