Gulliver in Brobdingnag

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After escaping from Lilliput, Gulliver returned to England. After a few days he set off on his voyages once again. After some time the adventure was blown off-course by a storm and cast ashore in a new country.

Gulliver became busy exploring the new surroundings and found himself in a cornfield. He realised that he was lost. Finally, a 72 feet tall farmer found Gulliver and took him home. “Where am I?” asked Gulliver. “You are in Brobdingnag, the land of giants,” replied the farmer. “You are so tiny, you will make a good pet for my daughter. She will be very happy,” he said.

The farmer’s daughter adored Gulliver and kept him with her throughout his stay. She treated him like a play thing, dressing and teaching him. One day the farmer decided to make some money and toured with Gulliver all over the country. Poor little Gulliver had to perform as many as ten times a day! Finally the farmer sold him to the king of Brobdingnag.

Gulliver spent two years in Brobdingnag. But poor Gulliver’s woes did not end here. Once barrel-sized apples fell on him, nearly squashing him to death and another time hailstones as big as tennis balls, left him hurt all over with bruises.

Then, one day, on a visit to the seashore, an eagle snatched up the box in which Gulliver was being kept and dropped it in the sea. The sailors on a passing ship picked up the box and Gulliver was very happy to be back home where he was no longer considered a midget.

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