Great Ark Made By Noah

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When God observed that people were becoming more and more wicked, he decided to teach them a lesson. Among the wicked people, there was a gentleman, named Noah. He was very pious, and so God wanted to save him. “I have decided to destroy the men and women I created,” God told him. “Every living animal shall die soon. So, I want you to make a boat of wood that would save your family, some animals and you. I am going to send a flood to cover the entire world.”

Noah obeyed God and began to build an enormous boat, called an Ark. His three sons helped him make the Ark. When the Ark was complete, God sent two of every kind of animals and birds – one male and one female- to board into the Ark. Finally, God told Noah and his family to board on the boat and he himself came into the boat. Then, God closed the door of the boat tightly.

Suddenly, it began to rain heavily and flood came. Water covered the entire world, but the Ark kept floating.

After a few months, the rain stopped. The dry land was again there. Soon, Noah, his family and the birds and animals left the Ark and spread over the earth.



God destroyed the world of His own creation, as the men and women grew very wicked. However, He saved Noah, his family and few birds and animals to continue life on earth.

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