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Goldilocks was a playful little girl who had lovely golden hair and that is why she was called Goldilocks.

One day, while roaming the woods, she saw a pretty cottage. She went inside and saw three bowls of porridge on the table. Tasting the porridge in the biggest bowl she said, “This porridge is too hot!” She tasted some porridge from the second bowl and said, “This porridge is too cold!” Then tasting some porridge from the third bowl she said, “This porridge is just right!” and she ate all of it. After that Goldilocks felt sleepy, so she went upstairs where she saw three beds. She lay on the first bed and said, “This bed is too hard!” She lay on the second bed and said, “This bed is too soft!” Finally, she lay on the third bed and said, “This bed is just right!” And so, Goldilocks curled up and went to sleep.

The cottage actually belonged to three bears. When they came home in the evening, the three bears saw that someone had been there. Mama and Papa Bear ate their porridge but the little bear wailed, “There is nothing left in my bowl!”

When they went upstairs to sleep, Papa Bear and Mama Bear found their beds had been used. Papa Bear shouted, “Someone has been sleeping in my bed!” Then, Mama Bear cried, “Someone has been sleeping in my bed!” The little bear saw Goldilocks sleeping in his bed and squealed, “Someone is still sleeping in my bed!”

Goldilocks awoke and seeing the three bears, she jumped up in fright and ran out of the door, never to be seen in the woods ever again!

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