Gifts of Heaven

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In a village one year, the farmers reaped a huge harvest of wheat. All the farmers rejoiced and made merry at their good fortune. However, they forgot that it was God’s blessing that had brought them this fortune and they became idle and selfish. One day, a young girl fell into a pool. Her clothes became dirty from the muddy water. Her mother hurriedly broke off a handful of when ears, to brush off the dirt. Suddenly there was the sound of thunder. The angels who were watching from above had become angry. “You foolish woman, why are you wasting this worthy gift from heaven?” they scolded her. “If God becomes angry, He will not bless you any more.” The mother realised the truth in their saying. She fell on her knees and pleaded, “Oh, please have mercy on us. We will die of hunger if you get angry and do not shower your blessings,” The woman rushed back to the village to relate this happening. The farmers were scared and now took care to respect the crops that were their livelihood.

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